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Knowledge Bank


  • Invitation for Proposal
  • Monitoring Policy
  • Sector Skill Councils

NSDC invite proposals for funding in several sectors. Here you will find documents and guidelines to be followed to be an NSDC affiliated training partner.

Proposals Submission Guidelines

Interim Funding Guidelines

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Non Funding Proposal Guidelines

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Process Flow with Expected Timelines



Working Days

Activity Duration


Proposal handed to I&I Team after TOR

Day 0



Internal Proposal Review by I&I Team  and proposal given to DD partner

Day 1

1 Day


FLF Report submission to NSDC

Day 6

5 Days


Approval of FLF Report by I&I

Day 8

2 Days


First Round of Technical & Financial Queries raised by DD partner

Day 15

7 Days


Response by Proposal owner for the first set of queries with documentation

Day 22

7 Days


Second Round of Queries raised by DD partner

Day 27

5 Days


Response by Proposal owner for the second set of queries with documentation

Day 34

7 Days


Third Round of Queries raised by DD partner

Day 39

5 Days


Response by Proposal owner for the third set of queries with documentation

Day 46

7 Days


Field Visit

Day 49

3 Days


PEC agenda by DD partner to NSDC

Day 53

4 Days


PEC Meeting

Day 56

3 Days

*The time lines are indicative and can vary from case to case.


Proposal Submission Docket

These Technical & Financial templates are required to be submitted with all proposals along with
the declaration.

Funding Proposal Docket

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Non-Funding Proposal Docket

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Draft Investment Agreement Template

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Draft Revenue Sharing Agreement Template

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Draft Loan Template

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The guidelines for monitoring policy define the parameters and the main components that form a complete monitoring configuration. It assists NSDC and all the stakeholders to effectively monitor the performance of training partners and Sector Skill Councils across social and financial parameters. 

Monitoring Policy Guidelines for Training Partners

Monitoring Policy for Training Partners
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Training numbers considered by NSDC
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Appendix – Monitoring Policy for Training Partners
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Monitoring Policy Guidelines for Sector Skill Councils

Monitoring Policy for Sector Skill Councils

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Appendix 1 – Annual Plans Template

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Appendix 2 – Utilization Certificate Template 

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Appendix 2.1 – Utilization Certificate Annexure

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Appendix 3 – Request Letter Template

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Appendix 4 – Undertaking Template 

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To fulfil its objectives of enhancing, supporting and coordinating private sector initiatives for skill development, NSDC is looking for proposals to create Sector Skill Councils that can focus on skill development for a particular industry sector, and which can be the organisation to bring together all stake holders to manage current and future skill needs of that industry sector. Apart from the 31 Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) approved by NSDC Board till date, we are seeking to add 4 more SSCs in the current financial year. NSDC requests you to study the proposal submission guidelines to understand NSDC's evaluation criteria.

Proposal Submission Guidelines

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Financial Template for Sector Skill Council

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Section 25 Firm MoA Template

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Society MoA Template

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Master Affiliation Protocol Document

We are pleased to release the master copy of the Affiliation Protocol Document. Henceforth all Affiliation initiatives of the SSCs will be under the guidelines set by this document. It is requested that if any SSC has put into circulation any Affiliation Document prior to release of this document, it may please be withdrawn and made non-functional with
immediate effect.

The various fees portions are kept blank and are left to the discretion of the SSCs. There will be a differential fee structure for the NSDC funded partners and non-NSDC funded partners. It is recommended that the endeavour of the SSC to affiliate the NSDC funded partner should be to cover the costs only.

Steps for Usage

All those SSCs who are keen to initiate affiliation process will ask NSDC for the editable word copy. This document has two parts, the first part covers general guidelines which are common for all SSCs and are non-negotiable and the second part has SSC Specific Requirements which can be populated wherever applicable by the concerned SSC. In case there are no requirements of the SSC, the same area can simply say “None”. Under no circumstance, this column will be deleted. After adding information under the SSC Specific Requirements columns, add your SSC logo on the header portion on the right hand corner of the page.

Please convert this document to a pdf and send a copy to NSDC for information and upload it on your website for usage.

The document talks of SDMS system (Skills Development Management System) currently under test at NSDC. All SSCs will be able to link to this SDMS system very shortly. SDMS will automate the affiliation process.

Affiliation Protocol Document

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Our Affiliates

  • Training Partners
  • Sector Skill Councils
  • Find a Training Center.
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Focus Areas

The NSDC has adopted a differentiated approach to supporting private sector initiatives depending on the target segment. Based on the marketability of the skill group and income level of the student population, there are three segments across which the NSDC
focuses on.

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Funding from NSDC

NSDC provides skill development funding either as loans or equity, and supports financial incentives to select private sector initiatives to improve financial viability through tax breaks etc.