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    EOI - Publishing Skilling Content Aligned to Qualification Pack

    At: NSDC Office, Qutab Hotel , New Delhi

    On: 20 May 2016 10.30am -1pm

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  • Request for EOI - Publishing Skilling Content Aligned to Qualification Pack | PDF | XLSX

  • EOI for validation of the training centers under PMKVY | View

  • RFPs to develop National Occupation Standards for Sector Skill Councils | View

  • Request for Proposal to select PMU for PMKVY 2.0 | View

  • Addendum to EOI for Validation of Training Centers under PMKVY | View

  • RFP for Empanelment of Consultant for Legal Due Diligence and other Legal Services | View

  • RFP for Valuation of Content & IP in Aviation Sector | View

  • ADDENDUM 1 - RFP for Valuation of Content and IP in the Aviation Sector | | View

Our Work


  • Skill Development Funding

The NSDC provides skill development funding either as loans or equity, and supports financial incentives to select private sector initiatives to improve financial viability through tax breaks etc. NSDC’s financing initiatives provide funding through:

  • Loan
  • Equity
  • Grants


The NSDC will adopt a phased and detailed due diligence process to select proposals for funding to provide funds for vocational training.


Detailed evaluation will be done across six sets of criteria: 

  • Employer view of demand for the specific skills
  • Alignment with the NSDC's mission
  • Robustness of overall plan and operating model
  • Ability to leverage partnerships
  • Ability to leverage financial requirements
  • Ability to leverage management capability


The NSDC will consider supporting a pilot and then scale up for proposals from organizations with no prior experience in this area. On the financials, the NSDC will be more flexible upfront in terms of percentage of total project funded by it, channels of funding, i.e. grant or loan/equity and cost per student, and ensure agreements are structured to ensure these parameters become stringent over time. Further, the NSDC will fund various stages of the project clearly linked to attainment of mutually agreed outcomes/milestones. To know more about funding and submitting proposals, read our Funding FAQs here.

Interim Funding Guidelines

Download Now | 620KB

Standard Pre-disbursement Conditions Document

Download Now | 488KB


NSDC Procurement Manual

NSDC’s Standard Procurement Manual is the Procedure to be followed for Inviting Proposals, Evaluating Proposals including the Legal Due Diligence, Financial Due Diligence, Approval of the Proposal and Implementation of the Proposal with proper checks and balances. This Manual primarily aims to have transparency and accountability on the part of NSDC.

Financial Management and Procurement Manual – NSDC | Download Now

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  • What is the role of the NSDC?
  • Why is there a need for an organisation like the NSDC?
  • How does the NSDC function?
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Our Affiliates

  • Training Partners
  • Sector Skill Councils
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Be a Training Partner

NSDC invites proposals for funding in several sectors. Here is a list of documents and guidelines to be followed to be registered as an NSDC affiliated training partner.