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Standards and Quality Assurance


The National Occupational Standards (NOS) specify the standard of performance an individual must achieve when carrying out a function in the workplace, together with the knowledge and understanding they need to meet a standard consistently.


Each NOS defines one key function in a job role. Each NOS must be a concise and readable document, usually consisting of no more than five or six pages (some are only one or two). In their essential form, NOS describe functions, standards of performance and knowledge/understanding.


The NOS are laid down by employers (through their SSCs). A set of NOS, aligned to a job role, called Qualification Pack, would be available for every job role in each industry sector. These drive both the creation of curriculum, and assessments. Thus NSQF will theoretically make it possible to drive competency based training for every job role in industry. It would be possible for all current vocational courses, like MES, ITI Courses, or similar vocational courses in schools, colleges and polytechnics to be aligned to job roles at specific NSQF Levels. An ITI Course in Plumbing would say they are training for plumbers at NSQF Level 3. Similarly a polytechnic, training in fashion design, may say it is training for NSQF Level 5 for Garment Cutters.

Documents for NOS Creation

Protocols for Development of NOS and Qualification Packs


QP-NOS Templates

Documents for QP-NOS - NCO-2004 Alignment

Process for QP-NOS and NCO 2004 Alignment

Sample QP with NCO Alignment

Presentation on QP-NOS with NCO 2004 Alignment

NCO 2004 – Code Structure

MES Courses Mapping with Qualification Packs
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Training of Trainers (ToT) Calendar for FY2016-17 View

To view the National Occupational Standards – click here

Draft Guidelines on Training of Trainers (ToT) and Training of Assessors (ToA) V2.3 – 15th Feb 2017
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The above link provides Draft guidelines on Training of Trainers (ToT) and Training of Assessors (ToA) for public view. This is not for external circulation and only for the purpose of consultation.

NSDC expects the Curriculum Alignment with Qualification Pack and Quality Assurance Guidelines to be met prior to the roll-out of each programmme.

Whilst the prerogative and the onus of delivering an effective skilling programme through appropriate techniques is on the training provider, NSDC expects the adherence to Quality Assurance Guidelines prior to the rollout of each programme. The QA Guidelines set out by NSDC confirms the effective instructional experience of the training partner courses. Therefore the alignment of courseware with National Occupational Standards together with the courseware structure as per QA guidelines ensures that the trainees are being imparted the National Occupational Standards through a highly effective training programme.

Process Manual: Curriculum Alignment with Qualification Pack

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NSDC has tied up with Australian Government to roll out International Training and Assessment Courses

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Curriculum Template

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Training Delivery Plan Template

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Quality Guidelines for Training Content

All courseware being used by NSDC Training Partners is structured as per the Quality Assurance(QA) guidelines recommended by NSDC.

Quality Assurance by Training Partners

Download Now | 124KB

Template for Syllabus/Curriculum

Download Now | 89KB

Guidelines for Facilitator’s Guide (Generic Training Skills)

Download Now | 76KB

Guidelines for Trainer’s Guide

Download Now | 139KB

Guidelines for Participant Manuals

Download Now | 130KB

Training Delivery Plan

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Sector Skill Council Approved Curriculum


Curriculum - Sewing Machine Operator
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Curriculum- Automotive Service Technician L3
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Curriculum- LMV Driver L3​
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Curriculum- Welding Technician L3
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Curriculum-Automotive Service Technician (2 & 3 wheelers)
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Beauty & Wellness

Curriculum Assistant Beautician
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Curriculum-Assistant Mason
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Curriculum-Helper Electrician
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Curriculum-RAC Assembly Operator
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Curriculum-Wireman-Control Panel
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Curriculum - General Duty Assistant
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Curriculum-CRM Domestic Voice
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Curriculum-CRM Non Voice
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Curriculum-Data Entry Operator
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SampleOBF-CRM Domestic Non-voice
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SampleOBF-Domestic Data Entry Operator
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SampleOBF-SSC-CRM Domestic Voice
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Curriculum-Hardware Engineer
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Curriculm-Sales Associate
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Curriculm-Trainee Associate
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Curriculum - Store Ops Assistant
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Curriculum - Cashier
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Curriculum - Distributor Salesman
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Curriculum - Team Leader
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Curriculum - Departmental Manager
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Curriculum-CCE ( CallCenter )
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Curriculum-Field Sales Executive
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TrainingPlan-CCE ( CallCenter )
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Training Plan-Field Sales Executive
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Tourism & Hospitality

Housekeeping Attendant-Manual Cleaning Curriculum
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Customer Service (Meet & Greet) Curriculum
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Food & Beverage - Steward Curriculum
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House Keeping Supervisor Curriculum
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Room Attendent Curriculum
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