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The truth behind Skill India - Transforming India

बिना दरवाजा वाले इस मकान को देखकर कौन भला समझेगा कि यहां कोई बैंक अधिकारी रहता है। बल्कि रहता नहीं, रहती है। पटना के कुर्जी मुहल्ले की कुम्हार गली में स्थित इस मकान को बाहर से ही देखकर उसमें रहनेवालों की दयनीय स्थिति का ज्ञान हो जाता है। भीतर भी कुछ ठीक-ठाक नहीं है। सिर्फ मामूली चीजें हैं, आम जरूरत की। इंदिरा आवास योजना के तहत बने इस मकान में सुरेन्द्र प्रसाद अपने परिवार के साथ रहते हैं। परिवार में वैसे तो पत्नी के अलावा दो बेटे, पाँच बेटियां और बहू-दामाद, नाती-पोता सभी हैं, पर बड़ा ब

Ladies first, says NSDC

A community which ensures that its women get a fair share of the wealth and services created within it, is also ensured of a robust and inclusive social, financial and demographic development. This is one of the key principles that govern all major initiatives of National Skill Development Coroperation (NSDC), the executive wing of the Skill India Mission. The contribution of women in the running expenses of a household-- both in the rural as well as the urban sector-- is significant, says NSDC.

NSDC‘s platter of privileges

It helps the Underprivileged to ‘Open the door for a better future’. The tagline used to describe the work profile of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), executive wing of the Skill India Mission, presents a glimpse of the bigger picture in a short crisp phrase. The word underprivileged, however, fails to capture the vast range of people the NSDC addresses, and the diversity of issues it is prepared to tackle to cater to the requirements of all.

Uttar Pradesh chants the Skill mantra

The Skill India Mission team, which includes the high profile National Skill Development Corporation (NCDS) staff, pays heed to every word addressed to it. Advice, proposal, criticism—offered by a partner organisation, a direct beneficiary or even an interested observer is taken note of and acted upon. This is reflected on the quick yet decisive steps taken by the group on major policy issues, even when it amounts to breaking away from the trodden path.

Here are some instances that prove that the Skill team has its ear firmly planted on the ground.

Nirvana for the Skilled

“This time we are all set to go beyond the tried and tested. Our plan is to build up a sound and solid base of independent entrepreneurs, and not confine the role of our students within limits of a job seeker alone. We are even preparing to source funds to help these new “business leaders”.

Smart citizens for smart cities

It is interesting to track the growth path of Skill India Mission, the nation wide campaign spearheaded by the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, with the objective of building up a legion of trained and competent workers—a ‘commodity’ that is always in great demand, both locally and globally. And access to one is considered a much- coveted privilege. No wonder, therefore, the Mission has now evolved as an initiative that can effectively influence and mould all the other high profile “Missions” that feature in the priority list of the Central government.

The story of Kamrunnissa

From a tailor to a trainer. From being an employee to claiming ownership on business. From informal sector to the formal sector. From temporary placement to a secure livelihood.Kamrunnisa’s career track is a source of inspiration for hundreds of women who live in and around her village. Yet, just two years ago she was trapped in an unrewarding, decidedly uninspiring job in a local garment factory.


Some more reasons to get skilled

So you think you cannot make a great career out of a vocational training & education programme? Think again.


Youngsters like you are increasingly getting skilled and are representing India on global platforms with their skills. They’re winning medals. They’re making India proud. And they’re making great careers out of their passion for the jobs they do.


WorldSkills India – An NSDC initiative to improve India with the power of skills

Skills are at the foundation of the modern world.

From houses to companies and industries to economies, skills are the driving force behind it all. And WorldSkills International (WSI) has been doing commendable work in promoting vocational education and training across the world. Set-up in 1950, WSI is the largest skill competition in the world, which is held once every two years.

“Hunar Hai Toh Kadar Hai” – A thought that deeply resonated with the youth of India

By 2025, India is likely to become world’s most populous country – leaving China behind.

The good thing is that a large part of this population will be youth. All we need to do is up skill the youth so that we can make India a superpower of human resources.

However, the youth and the society at large haven’t been very excited about vocational training programs – to inspire them to pursue vocational programs, NSDC came up with a creative campaign titled – ‘Hunar Hai Toh Kadar Hai’ – with skills comes respect.